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You know that Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of success on the internet and that Backlinks are an essential component of a successful search engine optimization strategy.which is why you want to know why GTR Backlinks is the best option available to you. GTR will do this by delivering high-quality backlinks and unique articles at the cheapest prices on the internet.
Order as many backlinks as you want in any format of your choosing and then sit back and watch the magic happen. , there are a few things you will immediately appreciate. GTR will get your website to the top position in the Google rankings.
And You should care about that because the higher the Google bots rank you, the more traffic your website will attract and the more money

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Once you submit your new order, we will begin working on your Search Engine Optimization for your website. This will be started within 24 hrs. Your order status will be converted to "processing", then a report will be available on the dashboard of Backlinks, within 3-24 hrs.

Our Price starting from $0.005

we have high quality backlinks for very low price.Get Backlink for $0.005, this is in 2 or more of our backlinks services, such as social network profiles, forum profiles etc... you can use bunch of tier two backlinks with us for low price

Very low minimum quantity

you can order any amount you want like 10 backlinks ,For all SEnuke campaign and DA 70+ backlinks minimum quantity is 1 campaign coust will be upto $1-$7, in other services minimum quantity will be 10 to 100 links per order.

with fresh approach
Millions of clients cannot be wrong!

There is nothing to this process. Just create an account with GTR Backlinks.All you need is a working email address. Customize your account to your needs, browse the services on offer, deposit as much money as you want and select the services you desire.For sure you will be in our happy clients list

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What We Do

We are an expertise team of internet marketing skills and search engine optimizations

Link Building

We have main single backlinks packages likes 70+ DA / 50+ DA / 30+ DA and web 2 profile,

Seo Campaigns

People who doesn't have enough SEO knowledge our campaigns are the best for increase your search engine rankings

Social Media Marketing(GTRSocials.com)

gtrsocial.com is our best website to do social media marketing for the unbelievable price,Sing up there and enjoy our free promotions

Social Media AutoPilot (GTRAutoPost.com)

GTRAutoPost.com is the best place to manage multiple media social accounts,auto post,likes,DM etc.Sing up & enjoy our free services

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Awesome Dashboard
user-friendly All in one dashboard
Fully White het SEO

Our tools available on the dashboard, allow clients to load money, efficiently download their reports, place orders and do specialized SEO campaigns.

From the report page on the dashboard clients can navigate and check on the status of the ordering process. After the complete submission of an order, we will deliver within 24-48 hours.

Happy Clients

Feedback always give you best decision to select best, we have thousands of happy customers who could get their website top on google.

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Make Rich Content Website

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Keyword Analysis Tools

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Optimizations For Google

We know how to do Search Engine Optimization so the traffic & sales increases utas enimy minim eniam tempore ipsum sed amet.

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Frequently Ask Questions

We’ve reasonably priced blueprinted SEO Campaigns depending on the requirements of most of the clients.

SEO Campaings

You can choose any weekly/monthly SEO Campaign depending on your requirement and budget. Upon that you can rank your website in Google’s 1st page in 1 ~ 6 months. (There were some sites we’ve ranked in Google’s 1st page in less than 2 weeks) depending on factors like Keyword competitiveness, domain/page authority, social bookmarks, on-page/off-page optimization, domain age, current rank of the website and many more.
The best types of backlinks that you can have to your website is web 2.0 backlinks, High DA backlinks like PR9 (DA 70+) backlinks and SEnuke campaigns. Those are the most powerful backlinks that can be created to any website in general. It is highly advisable to get the full monthly premium edition package where you will get all these included in a full 2 tier campaign (link wheel)
Backlinks are not always permanent. But most of the time they are. We use only unique and quality-riched articles in submission and submit to only quality sites. There are occasions where sites delete articles or those sites itself may get down after some time. So there’s like an 80% permanence in backlink lasting.
There are 3 levels of indexer service,
• Level 1: This level is responsible for all the backlinks to be crawled by Google spiders. It includes some techniques like creating XML sitemaps, shortening urls, creating RSS feeds, pinging each url etc.
• Level 2: This level possesses all the processes in level 1 more than 1 time plus some more processes that helps to achieve a high indexer rate.
• Level 3: This level possesses all the processes in level 2 and also responsible for the submission of each backlink to 1K – 2K of authority filter sites like stats, whois, redirect etc. This level has the maximum indexer rate.
Sorry there’s no any free or trial service available. You can always try the services listed and we will guarantee you the best possible results.
Yes our services are 100% safe and secure.
Most of our clients are resellers so the services are often dedicated to them. Simply they buy from us and resell to their customers. That is why panels are lack of more details and information about the services.
It is important to get your links indexed in search engines. We’ve also got a premium indexer service with all our services included, that helps to reach higher indexer rate. It is a waste of time if Google doesn’t index your links. There are some times that Google takes a week or more to update their search results. This might happen if your website is new and doesn’t have any inbound links. First make sure that you’ve created an account on Google webmaster tool. Then you can register and point Google to your sitemap url and request them to recrawl your urls.
We only use high quality websites to generate backlinks to your site. And those backlinks are a combination of DA, no-follow and do-follow links. You will so get the benefit of having links from more different domains. It is not a constant list of sites we use for this, we continually update the sites list to get the best backlinks to your site. The best backlinks you can ever have to your website are web 2.0, high DA backlinks & SEnuke campaigns and they work so fine in our premium sites list. Check the premium sites list and DA

Our working days are from Saturday to Thursday, 8AM to 3 PM GMT and we are off on Friday. If you happen to place your order during the working hours then it can be delivered to you within minimum of 2 hours. In general it takes around 24 hours. It takes little more time when it comes to tier2 orders. There the delivery time can be discussed.