Terms of Services

Terms of Services

GTR, has the right to amend any terms at any time.  GTR Backlinks establishes that with the agreement of reading the “Terms of Services” all these conditions apply. Henceforth by registering with GTR Backlinks and upon agreeing that you have read our “Terms of Service” removes any liability from GTR Backlinks.

1.    General;

By placing an order with GTR Backlinks, you will automatically accept all the below listed terms of services. Regardless of whether you completely read them thoroughly. 

We reserve the right to change these terms of service without notice. You are expected to read all terms of service before placing every order. This is to insure you are up to date with any changes made to our “terms of services” within the future.
GTR Backlinks does not guarantee a delivery time for any services. We do offer our best estimation of time per order and the windows of delivery times available. These times are only, an estimation. This being known any future complications may be not foreseen on our part, and we are not held responsible for any delays of delivery. This is in place when there are unforeseen complications with your order. 
Due to this stipulation we may reserve the right for a change of your due date. 
We do not offer a refund “just because you feel it is taking longer than you think it should”. We try our very best to apply the best exceptional customer service at all times. We only give a basic estimate of time for delivery. We also reserve the right to make professional decisions on your behalf, to complete an order in a timely manner.

Disclaimer: GTR Backlinks, will not be responsible for any damages you or your business may suffer.

2.    Fiverr, eBay and other resellers;

GTR Backlinks, DOES NOT, or will not guarantee a delivery within a 24-hour period. We will begin the process of your order and can give an estimate of delivery time. We are unable to make a 24-hour delivery time at all. However, each order is individually estimated for completion and delivery times. We never accept responsibility for any; loss of funds, social medias negative reviews, or the possibility of your company being banned for a late delivery due to complications and delays of orders. Upon agreeing that you have read this in full and registered for our services this is, binding. For the use of any of your companies selling or time-sensitive materials results, we ask that you do this at your own risk.

2018 Trust and Privacy Policy

What we can use your private information collected for or services; according to Federal and State laws.
During the registration of our site, we will collect your private information to pay, register, and place orders on our secure website. With your permission of these terms and conditions periodic newsletters, surveys and forms may need to update this information. Because of these requests solely made, you will need to enter your: e-mail address, full name, and phone number. We also welcome you to visit our site anonymously. What can we legally use your information for? Only to your agreement of this policy may we use your information: For the process of your requested transactions.
During any time of the use of your public/private information we agree to not sell, exchange, or transfer it without to any other company without your permission. We will need to use the information for a delivery of our service requested to complete the product transaction. The process of communication. The email address provided by you or the representative of your company may be used to send any transaction information or updates of your order. We also will send any new updates or articles related to our companies’ products or related service information.